The World’s Only Event for Boutique Photographers!

Go Boutique Live 2022 is Now Over

Stay Tuned. Event Dates for 2023 Will Be Announced Soon.

Just $497 

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Just $497 

Go Boutique Live 2022 is a 3-day virtual spectacular that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you discover how to create the business (and life) of your dreams! 

  • Working when you want?
  • ​Serving clients who ADORE you?
  • ​Making it to all your kid’s events?
  • Being able to afford vacations and the extras? 
  • ​Contributing to your family’s financial future?
Photographer friend, that was my dream, too! When I left my ad agency job to care for my newborn twins. I had this exact picture in my head.

Today, it’s exactly what I have.

And you can too! It is soooooo possible.

  • Even if you don’t believe in yourself.
  • ​Even if you just started out.
  • ​Even if people are telling you “you can’t.”
“I had no motivation when I showed up. Now I’m excited to implement the things I learned!”

- Kcaarin P.

Before Go Boutique Live, I thought my biggest strength was actually holding me back in my business. Now I know what I really need to work on!

- Kristin S.

I just started my photography business and found myself copying everyone else’s photography business models and nothing was working. Go Boutique Live changed everything for me!

- Jessica

This event motivated me in many ways! I learned to let go of the head trash.

- Crystal W.

Go Boutique Live put me around like-minded and energetic people. I am so inspired!

- Cynthia W.

I’m an introvert but I found myself meeting new people at this event and loving it.

- Christi S.

Now I know how to make a plan for myself and my business to take action!

- Kim H.

My biggest takeaway is how to take action! 

- Holly W.

I learned so much as a new business owner!

- Amber L.

I feel so much closer to my wife because of Go Boutique Live. I finally get her business and why she is doing what she is doing!

- Ben & Beth D.

Sarah Petty is an amazing human being and she makes the world a better place, one photographer at a time.

- Shalicia J.

Just $497

On the way to achieving my dream photography business, I got stuck in the “spin cycle” so many times…

Working too much, but making too little.

Burned out. Tank empty.

Work more = make more, right?

On the way to achieving my dream photography business, I got stuck in the “spin cycle” so many times…

Working too much, but making too little.

Burned out. Tank empty.

Work more = make more, right?


I Wasn’t Willing to Trade Away My Kids’ Childhoods …

not for any price.

So I created the Boutique Business Model.

Serve Hard. Sell Easy.

Ditch the digital files.

And keep my time for the people who matter most - MY FAMILY!

(While making REAL money, too!)

At this year’s 3-day Go Boutique Live, I’m BREAKING DOWN walls that keep photographers like you stuck in the spin cycle!

Over 3 days of Live, Full Immersion,
 You’ll Learn How to: 

  • Shoot for and service $3,000 portrait orders.
  • Create more time (without working more hours).
  • ​Develop a head-trash-killing mindset.
  • ​Elevate your brand so boutique clients INVEST more with you.
  • Sell wall art without feeling “pushy.”

Guess Who’s Coming Over?

This year, we’ve invested in bringing you some of the most respected speakers in the world who aren't photographers. 
Each day, these World-Changers will help you get unstuck, move you forward and help you achieve what you are truly meant for!

Just $497
I was working all the time and not making the money I wanted. Go Boutique Live made me realize my true worth!

- Molly B.

I am not good at selling her portraits to my clients. At Go Boutique Live I realized how I can streamline things so that I don’t get bogged down in my business.

- Terri J.

I learned how to use my fear to do the hard things and it has changed my life.

- Sarah Z.

I learned that when I stop filling my head with negative beliefs, I can rise to my full potential.

- Raven B.

Just $497

What Happens Over 3 days?

This is not your typical webinar, Zoom call, or snooze fest.

It’s a two-way, interactive, full online immersion into the world of boutique photography!
Don’t believe us?

Last year, 98% of our students were glued to their computers for the entire 3 days.

We’ve invested $75,000 with Tony Robbins’ event team to produce real change in your life.

Training from photographers who are rocking the socks off of the boutique business model RIGHT NOW

Exercises that drop-kick you OUT of you comfort zone

I’ll be calling you guys out by name and challenging you personally!

Breakout rooms where you’ll get personal with other photographers like you

Swag boxes full of Insta-worthy goodies - the BEST course materials box you’ve ever seen, to help your transformation go deeper and last longer!


You, mama, who wants to set a great example for your kids
You, dad, who wants to support your family doing something that you’re PROUD of.
You, career-changer, who’s ready to call the shots in your own life!
You, new photographer, who wants to get it right the first time! 
Clear your schedule. Hire a babysitter. And get ready for 3 full days of immersion into the positivity and profits pool - Come on in, there’s room for everyone!

There aren’t going to be any replays or recordings -

So if you want in on this event, you’ve gotta get a ticket!
  I’m stuck. Will this get me unstuck? 
Yes! This event is designed with immersive activities  to help students who are stuck.
  I’ve been in business for years. Am I too advanced? 
Photographers of all levels will grow at this event as the activities planned for this event are uniquely designed to meet you at whatever stage of business you’re in.
  I’m a wedding photographer. Should I attend?
If you are a wedding photographer who also does portraits, boudoir or pet photography, then yes. But if you are focused on weddings, then this isn’t the conference for you.
  I don’t have a business yet. Should I attend?
If the business you are dreaming of starting is a portrait photography business, then yes, you will experience tremendous growth and clarity at this conference.
  If I can only come 1 day should I still come? 
Nope. This is a uniquely designed, 3 day event. You’ll need to be there for all 3 days to experience the growth you desire.
  How is this different than your other courses? 
This event is completely different than any of my study-at-home courses. We will be covering material and breaking through things holding you back that we can only get into when we immersed together for 3 straight days. 
  Are you going to have any speakers who are pet photographers?
Sarah Petty is the main speaker at this event and she does photograph pets.
  If I’m already a student, how will this benefit me?
Have you ever dreamed of a trip? Let’s say Paris. So you studied up on Paris. Read all the guidebooks,  reviews, researched the top sites and restaurants and talked to people who had been. But yet, it still wasn’t  the same as being in Paris and experiencing it firsthand. As a boutique student, being at Go Boutique Live goes beyond just understanding the material you are introduced to in my courses. Now you will be  immersed in it for 3 entire days and it will transform your business on a new dimension that isn’t possible without being there in person.
  How will 2022 be different from last year’s event? 
Go Boutique Live 2022 is all new content! If you attended last year, you’re going to be blown away by this year’s event! We’ve added speakers for every day, too! 
  I’m still selling digital files. Should I attend? 
That depends. Do you want to stop but just haven’t? If that’s you, then yes. You are in the right place! But if you’re selling digital files and want to continue with the shoot and burn model, then this conference isn’t for you. 
  I don’t have a studio. Does that matter? 
85% of our students do not have studios. So you’ll be in good company. A studio is not at all necessary to be boutique.
  Am I good enough?
If you’re open to growth, then your skill level of a photographer won’t have any effect on the breakthroughs you’ll experience at the event. We all started from somewhere and this is a community that lifts as they climb.
  What if something comes up? Can I get a refund? 
Unfortunately, no. Once we reserve your ticket, we’re committed to you and have put the wheels in motion for you to be there.
  Can I leave early? 
This event was uniquely designed to be 3 full days, with the biggest breakthroughs occurring on day 3. To miss a little is to miss a lot.
  How long will the early bird rate be available?   
We have a limited number of early bird tickets that are nearly sold out.
  Can I bring my spouse / business partner?  
Absolutely. And this year, because the event is virtual, you can bring your spouse for free.
  Are children allowed?  
We are all about #familyfirst. But to get the most of this time together, you’ll need to have arrangements
for your kiddos during the hours of the event. We want you to put your parent hat (and kiddos) aside for
these 3 days.
  Are you going to have speakers?  
A few students will join Sarah Petty on stage, but 95% of this event will be training taught by  Sarah.
  Why is the event virtual when other people are having in-person events?   
We REALLY wanted to do Go Boutique Live 2022 in person! BUT the world is still uncertain, and we want to be 100% sure we can deliver this event AND keep photographers safe. The best way to do that is still virtual.
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