Hi photographer!

Your story is probably a lot like mine.

I never dreamed a photography business and life like this was possible when I opened my first photography studio 18 years ago.  

I just knew I had 3 little kids, a camera and some dreams that were so big I hadn’t even said them aloud yet.

Yet I was conflicted. My family needed me to make an income. But I was scared I’d get sucked into working my kids’ lives away.

I didn’t want to miss out on why I’d become a parent. And so, the boutique photography business model was born. 

Ouch! I was knocked down a lot. “It’s not possible to do photography this way --- without giving digital files,” they said. “No one will spend that much for pictures.”

But here I am today, still running one of America’s most profitable photography businesses and have trained THOUSANDS of photographers to put their #familyfirst and go boutique, too. 

I’ve been through it, friend. And I’ve got your back.

I hope you’ll join me for this event so your life, and your family’s lives can change as you Go Boutique!
With Joy,
Go Boutique Live! Founder
General Admission | $497
It can be  scary when you’re alone in business. But you’re a doer.

At Go Boutique Live you’ll be immersed in a family of your people…300
photographers who are go-getters battling the same fears, have similar goals and  are committed to putting family first.

After 2 days your cup (and a few notebooks) will be full of new marketing ideas that excite wall portrait clients, comfy selling strategies that put you and your clients at ease and lifelong connections you just can’t get unless you leave home.
General Admission | $497

You’ve built your business between playdates and carpools, during late nights and early mornings…always trying to put #familyfirst, but finding it harder than ever to juggle all.the.things.

Your check engine light is constantly on when it comes to self-confidence. You’re feel like a fraud as you muddle your way through growing your business and you’re a harsh critic of yourself. 

You feel like you can’t catch a break. Every  time you hop on social media there’s another 
competitor giving all the digitals for cheap.

You pour everything you’ve got into your clients,
your family and your relationships... and you're feeling empty. You need someone to pour into you. 

You second-guess and overthink EVERYTHING in your business. 

If you said ‘heck yeah!’ to ANY of these, then 
book your ticket already
Your boutique family is waiting with open arms  for you at Go Boutique Live!
General Admission | $497
There’s power in proximity, friend. So pull up a seat at a success table next to our event speakers -  boutique photographers who are in all stages of their journey. Grab nibbles + a cold bevvie and ask away. They’re an open book and here to inspire you and show you the way. 
General Admission | $497
General Admission | $497
Sure there’s tons you can learn behind your computer in your jammies, but the immersion, 
relationships and radical transformation of Go Boutique Live won’t happen for you if you’re not 
shoulder to shoulder in this room. So GO - grab your ticket and pack your suitcase and… 
Escape to Dallas, Texas and leave the snow behind February 12-13, 2020. An easy
spot to hop in and out of from anywhere in the world…by car or plane.

Looking for a spot to lay your head down?

Snuggle in at the conference hotel.

The Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria at 4801 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, 
Dallas, TX 75244. You’ll be an arm’s reach away from your new boutique family and minutes from local shopping & restaurants.
General Admission | $497
  I’m stuck. Will this get me unstuck? 
Most likely. We have a track of the event called Picture This with immersive activities designed to help students who are stuck.
  I’ve been in business for years. Am I too advanced? 
Photographers of all levels will grow at this event as the activities planned for this event are uniquely designed to meet you at whatever stage of business you’re in.
  I’m a wedding photographer. Should I attend?
If you are a wedding photographer who also does portraits, boudoir or pet photography, then yes. But if you are focused on weddings, then this isn’t the conference for you.
  I don’t have a business yet. Should I attend?
If the business you are dreaming of starting is a portrait photography business, then yes, you will experience tremendous growth and clarity at this conference.
  Should I bring my computer?
We’re making your carry-on baggage lighter Just bring old school pen and paper.
  Will there be free time?
Don’t plan on it. We’re squeezing 2 weeks worth of training into 2 days. So if you want free time plan to come in early or stay a few days after we wrap up.
  Can I bring my spouse?
Absolutely. Be sure to grab a BFF package as you’ll need 2 tickets (and this will save you $).
  Can I join online? 
We know it’s hard to get away,but tremendous growth happens when you are fully immersed. This event was uniquely designed for in person interaction.
  If I can only come 1 day should I still come? 
Nope. This is a uniquely designed, 2 day event. You’ll need to be there for both days to experience the growth you desire.
  How is this different than your other courses? 
This event is completely different than any of my study-at-home courses. We will be covering material and breaking through things holding you back that we can only get into when we are in a room together for 2 days. 
  How do we get the special room rate?
After you purchase your ticket, a link will be provided to the special room rate.
  Are you going to have any speakers who are pet photographers?
Sarah Petty is the main speaker at this event and she does photograph pets. Additionally, you will hear from other boutique photographers, many of whom also photograph pets.
  Do you have a block of rooms reserved at the hotel at a group rate?
We do have a small number of rooms blocked.
  I’m still selling digital files. Should I attend? 
That depends. Do you want to stop but just haven’t? If that’s you, then yes. You are in the right place! But if you’re selling digital files and want to continue with the shoot and burn model, then this conference isn’t for you. 
  I don’t have a studio. Does that matter? 
85% of our students do not have studios. So you’ll be in good company. A studio is not at all necessary to be boutique.
  Am I good enough?
If you’re open to growth, then your skill level of a photographer won’t have any effect on the breakthroughs you’ll experience at the event. We all started from somewhere and this is a community that lifts as they climb.
  Should I bring my camera?
Nope. This isn’t a shooting conference. We’re just going to focus on the business parts of being a photographer.
  Are children allowed?
We are all about #familyfirst. But to get the most of this time together, you’ll need to leave your mom hat (and kiddos) at home.
  I bought my ticket and want to upgrade to VIP. How can I do that? 
VIP tickets may be sold out. Reach out to our team at 866.544.JOYS or renee@joyofmarketing.com to see if there’s any available.
  What if something comes up? Can I get a refund? 
Unfortunately, no. Once we reserve your ticket, we’re committed to you and have put the wheels in motion for you to be there.
  Do I need to stay at the conference hotel? 
Nope. But you may get left out of the pop up gatherings that spontaneously happen if you’re not staying at the conference hotel. Plus we negotiated a special, discounted rate so it’s affordable for you, too.
  Can I leave early? 
This event was uniquely designed to be 2 full days, with the biggest breakthroughs occurring on day 2. Not to mention, at 5 pm the last day, we’ve got the Big Boutique Giveaway you won’t want to miss out on.
  Can I add a BFF later?  
You may add a second ticket at whatever the current ticket price is, but not at the BFF discout. 
  How long will the early bird rate be available?   
We have a limited number of early bird tickets that are nearly sold out.
  If we're already students, how does this benefit us?  
Have you ever dreamed of a trip? Let’s say Paris. So you studied up on Paris. Read all the guidebooks, reviews, researched the top sites and restaurants and talked to people who had been. But yet, it still wasn’t the same as being in Paris and experiencing it firsthand. As a boutique student, being at Go Boutique Live goes beyond just understanding the material you are introduced to in my courses. Now you will be immersed in it for 2 entire days and it will transform your business on a new dimension that isn’t possible without being there in person.
General Admission | $497
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